On the first anniversary of the departure of Waheed Hamid.. three people he described as the owners of credit for him


Today coincides with the anniversary of the death of the great writer Waheed Hamid Who left our world like today last year, achieving great success during his artistic career, in which his name emerged as one of the most important authors in the field of cinema, if not the most important screenwriter at all, as described by many who saw him as well thanks to the characters he created and created from a vision It is very characteristic of him and manifested itself during his works.

During the following report, we recall the memories of his last honor at the Cairo Film Festival when he was crowned with the Lifetime Achievement Award, and he said words in which all the audience cried, when he said: “I loved my days, because I lived with great stars and learned a lot from them, I lived in the time of Amina Rizk and Salah Mansour, And I lived with multiple generations of Yusra, Mona Zaki and Menna Shalaby.

Regarding the most influential person in his life, he described three personalities as the owners of the credit, saying: “I would like to thank Youssef Sharif Rizk Allah, the first person who took me to the Cannes Festival, and thanks to the radio director Mustafa Abu Hatab who taught me to write a pure and clean word of dialogue, and the playwright Samir Khafagy.”


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