Plane returns to New York after takeoff after two Israeli passengers quarrel over seats


A passenger plane on its way to David Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv changed its destination and returned to New York 90 minutes after take-off due to “riot” by two Israeli passengers, and the Israeli channel “12” said that the United Airlines plane left from New York this morning on its way To Tel Aviv, before an Israeli couple became agitated when the cabin crew asked them to provide proof that they were sitting in the right places.

The channel indicated that, against the background of the outbreak of the Corona virus, many recent flights to Israel are not full, and many seats, including in business and first classes, are vacant.

And she added, that the Israeli couple decided to sit in seats not designated for them, and when the flight attendants invited them to return to their places, they started a riot, which prompted the pilot to inform the passengers that he was going back to New York.

“We landed in New York, after we have already left for Israel,” said Roy Lotan, who was on the plane.

He added: “After an hour and a half, some disturbance began on the plane between the flight attendants and two passengers who were sitting in business class and when they were asked to present the appropriate tickets, they did not.”

United Airlines said the flight returned to New York and passengers were evacuated, adding, “Flight and passenger safety is above all else and the airline does not tolerate inappropriate behavior.”

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