Prince Andrew loses all his military titles due to a sex scandal.. know the details


The British “BBC” network revealed that Prince Andrew lost all his military titles, after the sexual scandal in which he was involved and prosecuted, according to the British “BBC” network.

In turn, the official page of the British royal family announced an exemption Prince AndrewAmong his royal and military duties, in a royal statement issued by Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, against the background of the civil lawsuit related to sexual assault brought by Virginia Joffrey against him in New York.

And the official page of the British royal family, through various social media platforms, published a statement announcing the release of her son, Prince Andrew, from his military and royal duties.

Britain’s Prince Andrew could be forced to leave up to nine military positions as legal proceedings against him come to a head this month and anger grows over his “toxic” friendship with convict Ghislaine Maxwell, who is involved in child sex trafficking, the Daily Mail reported.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, has not attended a single military event since he gave up his royal duties two years ago over allegations that he had three sexes with one of the girls who had been sexually exploited by businessman Jeffrey Epstein.

A legal document that the Duke of York’s lawyer believes will stop the civil sex suit brought against the prince by Virginia Roberts Giuffre is expected to be revealed after which a hearing will take place tomorrow.

If Prince Andrew fails to refute Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s allegations brought against him by a New York court this week, British military leaders said it was time for him to go.

The British prince suffered a setback in his US citizenship case, after he failed to present evidence of many of his motives in court.

A source told Britain’s Daily Express that events are moving very quickly and the Duke of York could be forced to give up all his military titles within weeks, adding that Prince Andrew’s friendship with Maxwell and Epstein was “toxic” and made his position “unacceptable”.


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