Queiroz: The Egyptian national team plays good football in the African nations… and one thing is missing


The Portuguese coach admitted Carlos Queiroz, the coach of the Egyptian national team, that our national team lacks effectiveness in front of the goal, indicating that he will work with the Pharaohs to improve this.

Egypt in the African Nations, was able to score only two goals, despite the fact that our national team has one of the best strikers in the world, Mohamed Salah, a professional in the ranks of Liverpool.

Queiroz told BBC Sport: “Despite all the pressure, the players are back again, they are playing hard and playing good football.”

He added sarcastically about the lack of goals from Egypt national team In the group stage: “Look, I promise you that from tomorrow they will practice finishing touches for this, from morning to afternoon.”

He continued: “The players only need to score more goals. If only playing football well is not enough, we need more goals and so we will be more relaxed in the matches.”

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He pointed out, “In a match like the Sudan match, we have complicated our lives, because in a match like this we have to do only one thing, to kick the ball forward.”

The Portuguese coach concluded his statements by saying: “We always have an intention to score goals, and it takes one simple mistake. We could have finished the first half against Sudan with at least three goals.”

It is noteworthy that Egypt qualified as runners-up for Group D, and in the round of 16 of the African Nations, it will meet Cote d’Ivoire next Wednesday.


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