Queiroz: We face the Congo with a special law, and I have a problem like Al-Ahly


The Portuguese coach, Carlos Queiroz, the coach of the Egyptian national team, revealed that he settled on facing the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a joint training, not a friendly match, explaining his position on the conflict between the African Nations Cup and the Club World Cup.

Queiroz held a press conference at the Egyptian national team’s residence hotel in the Fifth Settlement in conjunction with the launch of the closed camp of the Pharaohs, in preparation for participating in the African Nations Cup finals.

Queiroz said, “We have settled on a joint training with Congo, not a friendly match. We will play a division of three 45-minute games, and the coach has the right to call the players to give them specific instructions every quarter of an hour.”

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, led by its Argentine coach, Hector Cuper, will hold a preparation camp in Cairo during January, in preparation for the final stage of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, which begins next March.

Queiroz clarified his position on the conflict between the Club World Cup in which Al-Ahly participates and the African Nations Cup, and said: “The sure thing is that I have a problem like Al-Ahly.”

And he asked, “”Throughout my training for 40 years, I ask myself this question. Like you, why do they put two competitions at the same time?”

And he added, “But this question is not supposed to be directed to me, I hope to direct it to the right responsible authorities.”

Queiroz ended by talking about the philosophy of his choice of players, “My philosophy of choice is to choose the player that suits our thinking in the way of playing while adjusting the plan to suit his capabilities, I take the two into consideration.”


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