Rain in several areas in Greater Cairo, and meteorology warns: severe weather fluctuations today


Separate areas of Greater Cairo “Cairo, Giza and Qalyubia” are witnessing rain in several areas, coinciding with the state of instability inWeather taking place in the country.

Today, the country is witnessing rapid and sharp weather fluctuations, represented by rain of varying intensity, wind activity and a noticeable drop in temperatures in the north of the country.

Today, Wednesday, there is a state of instability in weather conditions, as there is a decrease in temperature, so that very cold weather prevails during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts and northern Upper Egypt, tilted to cold on southern Sinai and the mountain ranges of the Red Sea and southern Upper Egypt, very cold at night in all parts, reaching a limit Frost over central Sinai.

The Meteorological Authority stated that today, medium to heavy rain is witnessing, sometimes thunderstorms, that may be accompanied by hailstones on the northern coastal governorates of Salloum, Matrouh, Alexandria, Beheira, Kafr El-Sheikh, Dakahlia, Damietta, Port Said and Arish, light to medium rain on the south of Lower Egypt, on the western, Menoufia and Sharqia, and light rain. Medium on Greater Cairo, South Sinai and the Red Sea mountain ranges, and light rain on northern Upper Egypt.

Today, frost forms on crops in central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, and snow falls on the heights of Saint Catherine, with wind activity in areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, the Canal cities, Sinai and the south of the country at intermittent periods.

As witnessed today, navigation disturbance on the Mediterranean Sea, wind speed of 60: 70 km per hour, wave height of 3: 5 meters, navigation disturbance on the Red Sea, wind speed of 50: 60 km per hour and wave height of 2.5: 3.5 meters

As for the temperatures, today, Wednesday: Great Cairo 12 degrees and the smallest 06 degrees, the great Alexandria 13 and the small 09 degrees, the great Matrouh 12 degrees and the small 07 degrees, the great Sohag 15 degrees and the small 04 degrees, the great Qena 18 degrees and the small 05 degrees, and the great Aswan 18 degrees The minimum is 07 degrees.

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