Rainbow .. a wonderful scene in the sky of Sohag Governorate for the first time .. video


Follow the people withSohag Governorate The phenomenon of “rainbow” in the sky of the governorate, against the background of rain in large parts of the governorate, starting from Tama in the north to Balina in the south. while they are on the ground.

For her part, Ahmed Abdel-Badi, the Public Relations Officer in the Directorate of Education, who filmed the video, said: My children and I were sitting watching the rain from the window, and in moments a rainbow appeared in the sky, so we filmed it, and this is the first time we see this phenomenon in the governorate, and my children were very happy with its appearance in the sky. They said that we obtained information about him in textbooks and watched it on television, and for the first time we saw it on nature as a cosmic phenomenon in Sohag Governorate.


It is noteworthy that most of the centers of Sohag governorate experienced heavy rainfall at sunset today and the rain water flooded the streets and squares of Sohag city.

And scientifically, the phenomenon is called the rainbow, as well as the rainbow or the rainbow of colors, and it is a natural physical phenomenon resulting from the refraction and decomposition of sunlight through a drop of rain water. The blue is dark blue and violet from the inside. The rainbow usually appears in a semi-circular shape, and in rare cases it is lunar, where the refraction of the moonlight caused by a drop of water is appropriate with the location of the moon in those moments.

Al-Sabaa TV had presented a live broadcast on the state of rain in Sohag governorate this evening, entitled “Heavy rain fell on Sohag governorate for the second day in a row”, where the governorate witnessed heavy rain today in all parts of the governorate, and a noticeable drop in temperatures.


For its part, the Sohag Traffic Department has raised the degree of readiness to the maximum degree, and several traffic patrols have been deployed on agricultural and desert roads to limit the excessive speed of cars, for the safety of citizens on the road in such weather.

On the other hand, Major General Tariq al-Fiqi, Governor of Sohag, continued the wave of bad weather and its repercussions on most parts of the governorate, pointing out that the central crisis room in the governorate will continue to be held over a period of 24 hours, after the various centers of the governorate were exposed to light and medium rain, directed at the rapid suction of the accumulated water in some areas. Low places using sweeping and suction cars.

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