Received security training.. Texas synagogue rabbi reveals details of his escape with two hostages


Received security training.. Texas synagogue rabbi reveals details of his escape with two hostages

AP of the synagogue where the hostages were taken

A Texas synagogue rabbi said he threw a chair at the hostage-taker at the synagogue and then fled with two other hostages after a 10-hour standoff, thanks to his past security training.

Rabbi Charlie Citron-Walker explained some details of the attack that took place in the “Beit Israel” synagogue in Texas, USA, last Saturday, saying in an interview with the “CBS Mornings” program, that he allowed the gunman to enter because he seemed to need shelter.

He added that the man was not suspicious or threatening at first. Later, the sound of the safety valve of the firearm was heard during prayer.

He said that he asked the hostages to escape, after throwing a seat at the gunman, and went to the door, and everyone managed to get out, “despite the shooting.”

While another man who was among the hostages described the ordeal, Jeffrey Cohen said the men, distracting the gunman, spoke to him and exhorted him. In a moment as the situation developed, Cohen said the gunman asked them to kneel.” As the gunman moved to sit, Cohen said Citron-Walker shouted for them to run.

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The release of all the hostages in the Jewish synagogue in Texas, America, and the death of their captor

The authorities had announced that British hostage-taker Malik Faisal Akram, 44, was killed on Saturday evening after the last hostages left the synagogue around 9 pm.

According to a statement issued by the FBI, Akram repeatedly spoke during negotiations about a female prisoner serving an 86-year prison sentence in the United States.

Akram was heard angrily speaking on a Facebook Live broadcast about demands for the release of prisoner Aafia Siddiqui, a neurologist suspected of links to al-Qaeda, who was convicted of trying to kill US military personnel in Afghanistan.

Source: “The Associated Press”

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