Red Sea Criminal Court acquits 3 defendants in the 113 kilo heroin case after referring their papers to the Mufti


court ruled Red Sea CrimesToday, Tuesday, headed by Counselor Abdel Jalil Moftah Khalil, and the membership of the advisers Medhat Abdel Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Farouk Metwally and Muhammad Omar Sheikh Othman, two brothers and another accused in the major drug case in the Red Sea were acquitted, after referring their papers to the Mufti to express an opinion on their execution.

The details of the verdict came after the lawyer, Ibn Tamim Khader Al-Suhaimi, presented the defense of the defendants, re-proceeding with them in the case, accompanied by a fourth defendant whose death sentence was upheld, as the court demanded the presence of the defendants and your presence. Mohamed and upheld the ruling on Mohamed Attia Zeidan.

On the fifth of September last year, the Red Sea Criminal Court sentenced to death 13 defendants, including 5 Yemenis, 6 Egyptian brothers, and two others, after they were caught bringing and smuggling 113 kilos of raw heroin through the Red Sea waters south of Marsa Alam. After the case was presented to the Court of Cassation, the Court of Cassation acquitted 3 of the accused’s brothers in the case, and after the procedures were repeated, the three mentioned were acquitted and the rest of the accused were executed.

The details of the incident go back to when information was received by the General Administration for Drug Control, that international smugglers, consisting of 5 brothers from the city of Al-Qusayr in the south of the Red Sea, with others, one from Marsa Alam, and another from North Sinai, brought a large amount of heroin from Yemen through the Red Sea. The investigations of the research team concluded that the gang formation, consisting of 5 brothers and others from Marsa Alam and Sinai, was waiting for a heroin shipment coming from Yemen on board a Yemeni boat called “Rahat Al-Wad”. It took 5 oaths, and Major General Ahmed Omar, Director of the General Administration of Narcotics Control, issued the arrest of the awaited Egyptian gang formation of the shipment at the same time as the seizure of the ship loaded with heroin.

The competent security services, in conjunction with the officers of the General Administration of Narcotics Control, were able to seize the boat after opening fire after the smugglers tried to escape, injuring one of them. Five Yemenis were arrested in possession of 113 kilos of narcotic heroin, two chandeliers and 3 mobile phones.

Six brothers from the city of Quseir who were waiting for the shipment to receive it were also arrested, and 450,000 pounds were seized in their possession, two transport vehicles, mobile phones, and a GPS device.

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