Rushdi Abaza reveals the name of the famous artist who shivered in his hands at the first kiss and fell unconscious due to her hotness!! .. who are you ??


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The great artist Rushdi Abaza spoke, before his departure from kisses in his life, through an interview with Al-Shabaka magazine, and recounted the strangest kisses that he had collected with female artists in films, as he said, speaking about his kisses to the beautiful artist Suhair Ramzy: An artist with whom I had a beginning of understanding, or you can say that it is the smell of love, Or he began to do it, and I used to touch her hand while we were acting and she trembled, and I sensed this, so I took her kindly and took her seriously in performance so that her trembling would not become a disturbance from which the dialogue was lost or her mistake was forgotten.

He recounted behind the scenes of filming that scene, saying: I waited for the day when the kiss would be with impatient patience, because it was so soft and sensitive that I wanted to kiss her, and on that day she came with a swollen face and stood on the plateau listening to the director as if he was a hard-hearted judge ruling her with kisses.

He added, speaking about a scene that she kissed by the artist Suhair Ramzy: “The camera turned and approached me and in her eyes begged more than love, and she got closer, then threw herself in my arms, and applied to her lips as the director’s order, as the author’s imagination, and as the inevitability of the scene, and I went with her in a violent kiss, and the director shouted Stop, I left her, but she collapsed to the ground unconscious.

And Suhair Ramzy is the daughter of the late great artist Doria Ahmed, and she was born on March 3, 1946 in Port Said, that is, she is currently 75 years old.

At the beginning of her career, “Suhair” worked as a flight attendant, before changing her direction to the world of art, and she was known in the artistic community during the seventies and eighties, specifically as one of the most important stars of seduction.

Among her most prominent films are: “Tears of Her Majesty”, “Al-Darb Al-Ahmar”, “So that the smoke does not fly”, “Bite a dog”, “Girls want what”, “A man who lost his mind”, “With my love and my longings” and “With parents a favor”. And “Ladies and Ladies”, “Then the Sun Rises”, and the series “Zainab and the Throne”.


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