Russian astronomers take clear photographs of a double black hole


The first photographs of the emissions of the black hole OJ287 taken by the Russian “Radio Astron” laboratory confirmed the dual nature of this cosmic space object.

Russian scientists have clarified an important role played by magnetic fields in shaping the streams of matter emitted by black holes.

This was announced by a spokesman for the Moscow Institute of Physical Technologies and said that the article in this regard was published by the Astrophysical Journal.

One of the authors of the article and researcher at the institute, Yuri Kovalov, said: “We have never observed the internal components of a double black hole with such clarity. Analysis of the photographs showed that the plasma stream is bent strongly, which confirms the existence of another supermassive black hole.”

The giant black hole OJ287, whose light passes to reach Earth for 5 billion years, is located in one of the galaxies in the constellation of Cancer, and this cosmic body has attracted the attention of scientists for a long time, as its brightness regularly decreases, and then increases.

Scientists hypothesized that these fluctuations are related to another giant black hole orbiting it that approaches OJ287 every 12 years and passes through a disk of gas and dust surrounding it, which leads to the emergence of intense irritation.

According to Kovalev, the presence of a companion for OJ287 made this black hole of interest to astronomers, because it allows to measure the masses of the two giant black holes simultaneously, determine the speed of their rotation, and assess the amount of matter that they absorb.

Therefore, according to scientists, it is necessary to prove the existence of two similar cosmic bodies in the center of the galaxy by taking new detailed photographs​.


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