Saudi Arabia.. A mountain walk turns into a tragic tragedy.. the death of two young men who drowned in a pool


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A picnic in Mount Takhafa in Saudi Arabia, joyful with rain, turned into a tragic tragedy, as two young men drowned in a pool of water.

With words of heartbreak and pain, the father of the young man, “Raed Talq Al-Otaibi,” bid farewell to his 15-year-old son, who drowned with his cousin in a natural basin filled with water in one of the Takhafa mountains north of Afif. website quoted the father as saying that the mother and her sons went out for a walk on Mount Tahfa, which many people frequent with joy in the rain, indicating that the young people went out for a walk near the mountain without anyone noticing that there was a pool of water in which his son “Raed” fell and rose. His 16-year-old cousin “Mashari” made a desperate attempt to save him, which led to their death together, and with them was his other son, “Zayed” aged 13, who was rescued by civil defense men.

“The two young men were buried during the past two days, and their mothers’ tears did not dry,” he said, adding that he was not with them on this trip, stressing that he would strive “to put nets in the place where the water collects, to ensure that there are no other victims at this site.”

The huge “Takhfa Mountain” plateau, which is considered a park for the people of Qassim and Riyadh, was known. This rocky mountain has more than 6 waterfalls in the rainy seasons, as the regions of the Kingdom live in today, turning the wasteland into plains and valleys where rivers flow.

The mountain and plains of Tafafa are attached to the ancient Nafud Reserve, which covers an area of ​​1960 square kilometers, and is also characterized by good vegetation cover in most parts, as well as near the Dhiyat of many wonderful areas characterized by its beauty and nature, including Haslat, Police Hill, Al-Nazim Park, Waterfalls, Al-Bakri and Al-Zahif.


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