Saving the life of a child suffering from esophageal obstruction at Ain Shams General Hospital.. Know the details


I passed Ain Shams General Hospital At the Directorate of Health Affairs in Cairo, the first surgery was performed on a newborn child suffering from esophageal obstruction. The operation was performed, the fistula was removed and the esophagus reconnected.

This came after the hospital received the baby’s mother on Saturday 15/1/2022 for a caesarean section at the end of the eighth month of pregnancy.

Dr. Tariq Al-Areni said that the hospital has expanded to perform a number of advanced surgeries, to serve the people of Ain Shams from beneficiaries of state expense, health insurance, or the economic department, explaining that the hospital provides medical service through outpatient clinics and nurseries departments, as well as the kidney care department, pointing to The hospital offers surgeries of different specialties.

For his part, Dr. Karim Salam, Undersecretary of the Directorate of Health Affairs in Cairo, said that the directorate is working to provide all health services in all its hospitals, in cooperation with the work team, Dr. Nahed Samir, director of treatment in the directorate, and Dr. Arabi Mohamed, director of hospital administration.

While Dr. Mohamed Shawky, head of the health sector in Cairo, said that there is a plan for each hospital in the district to work on raising and developing its efficiency, in order to provide the best medical service to citizens.

Ain Shams General Hospital is one of the first hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health to perform corneal grafts, squint surgeries, eyelid plastic surgery, cataract removal, retinal injections, some tumor surgeries, as well as pancreatic and thyroid tumors, prostatectomy by vaporization and urinary tract tumors. .

The hospital performs distinguished surgeries, especially in the orthopedic department, which are found in a few hospitals in the Republic, especially the government sector, such as joint replacement and endoscopic ligament repair.

It is reported that the hospital serves the equivalent of 2,000 to 3,000 citizens daily, in the vicinity of about 6 million citizens of Cairo.


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