See the photo: The artist’s daughter, Tamer Hosni, grabs attention with her innocence and beauty, and amazes the audience.. In her first appearance, does her father look like him?


Fans of Egyptian artist Tamer Hosni circulated a recent photo of his Moroccan wife, Basma Bousil, in which she appears with their eldest daughter (Talia.

Basma appeared embracing her daughter in the photo, and the girl wore school clothes, and her face did not appear.

The star of the generation was Tamer Hosni, he married in 2012 to Basma Bousil; He persuaded her to quit singing after she became famous for her love for singing and for her participation in the “Star Academy” program.

The couple had their first child (Talia), on May 4, 2013, on May 3, 2015, their second child (Amaya), and on October 22, 2018, they had their third child (Adam).


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