Shahira asks for her husband to be divorced: “My daughter says she saw a papa in the Tanta arabic


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Saturday 15 January 2022

I wrote-Fatima Adel:

Shahira M., (31 years old), a housewife, filed a lawsuit against her husband, Sameh. H., (33 years old), Tarazi Harimi, before the Family Court in the Fifth Settlement, after a marriage that lasted 8 years, demanding that he divorce him when Damage occurred to her, and she justified that, “My daughter saw her father riding in an Arab carriage, our neighbor. Papa was riding in the Samara carriage in her car.”

The wife says in her lawsuit, which bears No. 129 of 2021: I did not know my husband before marriage, our marriage was traditional, through a relative, who recommended me to him, and she continued: My brother did not hesitate, and agreed quickly without knowing, justifying this by saying, “a shop owner and financially affordable.” And after a year of engagement, we moved to live together in the marital nest.

Shahira continues: During a period of 8 years of marriage, I tried to understand the nature of my husband, who only talks to me in response to my questions, but with time he learned about my nature and I learned about his qualities, so I grew up with love and lived to make him happy only and he fulfills all our requirements and does not make us need anything, after A year, a year of marriage, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, who completed our happiness, “Malik”, who is 7 years old.

The wife continues: “We lived a happy life until our neighbor Samara, the owner of a shop for renting wedding dresses and a women’s hairdresser, appeared in the area. From that day on, she stayed in my husband’s shop on the pretext of repairing dresses, and from that day my husband’s situation changed because she had a lot of money.”

Shahira adds: “She made me go to my husband’s shop every day and think only of her actions and behaviors that destroy my home with daily family disputes, and from that day on, my husband is a stranger to me who does not talk to me and always evades me by sleeping and going down and staying in the shop for two or three days.”

The wife concludes: “My husband disappeared for a week and closed his shop. I did not find him until I wrote a report of his absence to search for him and go down daily to look at the hospitals, until my child saw him in Samara Arabic, saying, “Mama Papa was riding an Arabic tanta Samara, and the sound of the songs was high, I heard him and I was calling for him.” I learned of his marriage to her, and he left his house and his daughter.

“I called her phone and indeed I found him asking for a divorce, he refused, and I had no choice but to go to the family courts.
So she resorted to the Family Court in the Fifth Settlement, to file a divorce suit against him to get rid of him, and the case is still pending before the court and has not been decided upon.

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