She is close to 60 years old..the most famous and most beautiful spinster in the artistic community..for strange reasons, she has not married won’t believe what is the name?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>One of the negative and wrong beliefs in Egypt is that a girl should marry before she reaches thirty, but there are many who broke these strange beliefs by exceeding this age without the need for marriage;  They don't always have the right person.

This artist has not yet been married in Egypt and the Arab world, for various reasons, which we will mention to you.

The Egyptian actress, Maisarah, has approached the age of 60, and she is still not married, so she confirmed that she is not thinking of marriage.

She said in previous statements that her chances of conceiving had become few since she entered the age of forty, so she stopped thinking about poultry.

She also sees that she has become an independent person who relies on herself and it is difficult for her to deal with men now, especially since she has gone through several failed experiences during her youth.

She explained that she had met a large number of men after her return from London, but they had schizophrenia
She added: They say what they do not do.

They have completely different ideas from the ones they are talking about. For my part, I will not accept marriage to a man just because he is “beware.”

She also said: I was raised in the shadow of an educated and conscious man who has the qualities of true manliness, and he is my father, may God have mercy on him, so I will not accept anything less than that.


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