She lost the compass of literature.. Al-Ghandoura, Nadine Njeim, with a blatant nuclear appearance, and in a short dress, she shows the size of her breasts, and the audience is losing their minds?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Through her account on Instagram, the Lebanese singer Nadine Njeim caught the attention of her fans in the last pictures she published with the well-known fashion designer Zuhair Murad.

She appeared in a bold look, wearing a black dress that exposed the chest and thighs, revealing her charms in an exciting way.

In another picture, Nadine Njeim appeared in the same look with her friend Natalie Nasrallah, the former Miss Lebanon expatriate, who is pregnant.

Comments on Nadine Njeim’s photos flooded after her bold appearance, and some flirted with her beauty and excitement, while some criticized her because Nadine deliberately revealed her charms,

Especially that she appeared in the embrace of Zuhair Murad, considering that her looks were exaggerated, as most of Nadine’s looks were known to be modest.

Nadine Njeim topped the communication sites and Google search recently, after the presentation of the series “Zahra Salon”, accompanied by Moatasem Al-Nahar,

Which was shown in 15 full episodes on one of the digital platforms, and gained wide fame and won the audience’s love and admiration.

(Al Jazeera Gulf) apologizes for publishing this picture out of respect and appreciation to our valued followers.


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