She passed away on her wedding night.. and the groom: “She died of happiness”


Her mysterious death caused great sadness for the Egyptians. Hagar Essam, “the bride of the pyramid”, departed in Egypt hours after her wedding, so the Giza Public Prosecution decided to perform an autopsy to determine the circumstances of the death.

The prosecution examined the body of the bride and it was found that there were no apparent injuries indicating the presence of criminal violence, so it issued a decision to bury her after the autopsy was completed, and requested investigations by the security services about the incident to determine its circumstances and circumstances.

In the details, the prosecution heard the statements of the groom, Islam Hassan, who stated that his wife entered the bathroom and when she was late, he went to open the door and found her lying on the ground and unconscious, and she died after being taken to the hospital.

He added, “She was very happy that we got married. One of Hajar’s friends called me collapsed and said to me: She died of so much joy that you got married.” According to what was reported by “Al-Masry Al-Youm” website.

The groom, who works as an engineer, stayed in Dubai for 7 years. He confirmed that for 5 years he was far from his beloved, “Hajar,” adding, “I did not see her not even once I spoke to her on the phone, but on the third of this January I came to Cairo and made her a surprise for her because I told her that I was coming. On January 7th.

He revealed that she had entered the bathroom and when she was late, he opened the door on her and found her on the floor completely unconscious.

In addition, the Pyramid Department received a report from the hospital, of the arrival of the dead body of a girl named Hajar, 24 years old, “as a result of suffocation,” which the husband ruled out, so the security services immediately went to the scene of the accident, and by inspection it was found that the girl was a bride whose wedding took place a few hours ago in pyramid area.

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