She was famous for presenting the most powerful seduction scenes.. Without shame, she appeared to shower without clothes. The hero of the movie lost control of his instincts and attacked her.. You won’t believe who she is?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Syrian star, Eghraa, was famous for her bold roles in all the cinematic works she presented during her career, and she won many awards at Arab and international festivals.

The artist “Eghraa” was one of the most prominent stars of Arab cinema, in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century.
Eghraa wrote the scripts for many of the films she starred in and worked in film productions for many years, and she has a clear imprint in Syrian cinema in particular, and Arab cinema in general.

In a previous press interview, she called on all the producers in the Middle East to return sex to cinema again, noting that the kiss, swimsuits, and belly dance are the basis for the success of any movie at the box office, she said.

Eghraa was born on February 19, 1942 in Damascus, her real name is Nihad Alaeddin, and in 1972 she participated in the movie “Al-Fahd”, which told the story of Abu Ali Shaheen, a Syrian fighter against French colonialism, directed by Nabil Al-Maleh.

Nudity scenes The film included nudity scenes, most notably the scene in which she was bathing completely naked in one of the waterfalls in the Rabwah area of ​​Damascus, with her compatriot, artist Adeeb Kaddoura, who stretched over her body while she was naked, a scene described by critics as “the most exciting in the history of Syrian cinema.” .

After the film was shown, “Eghraa” said that it had accepted to shoot this scene in order to save the film, at the director’s request. And she released her famous sentence: Let my body be a bridge on which Syrian cinema can pass to progress.

The Syrian star, Eghraa, is the first Arab artist to fully strip naked in her films after the Egyptian artist, Nahid Sharif, and her films often included scenes of nudity, sex and kisses,

Because of this, it received many criticisms from conservatives. Taking off her clothes, the Syrian actress responded in an interview with “The New York Times” to these criticisms by saying: “I took off my clothes in films, believing in my principles.”

She added: “I took off my clothes for the principle, and if I wanted to do it for money, I would do it in the dark, and make more money.”

Her artistic balance The Syrian artist Eghraa is also one of the artists of the beautiful time, and her name is still engraved in the memory and conscience of Syrians and Arabs to this day. and contributed to the spread of Syrian cinema,

Her credit includes about 70 films, and she participated in producing and directing five of them, in addition to 25 films starring her and bearing her signature script, dialogue and composition. her latest work

About the reason for her disappearance from the art scene, Eghraa says: “I did not disappear, and I presented my last work 7 years before the events in Syria, which prevented us from producing.

Except that the producers fled in the late eighties due to the failure of the Ministry of Culture to meet their demands, and I remained alone in the field and continued to produce. my last movies

“Asrar Al-Nisa” is my production, writing and directing, and it continued to be shown in the halls until its closing, and it is still closed today. Where can I show my films when cinemas are closed?” On the other hand, she stresses that the circumstance is not conducive to the production of joint films that play a role in spreading their name in the Arab world, adding:

“The joint films in which I participated are limited, some with Lebanese actors, and two films with the late Egyptian star Omar Khorshid.” Not good films, and she finds it tempting that the arts are not separate, and this is what made her turn to directing: “I used to sit with Al-Monitor to follow up on the details of the work, and I gained experience.

He who loves writing and acting, loves everything related to art.” She added: “I loved directing a lot, and I consider it a talent that cannot be acquired through education, and there are many directors in all countries of the world, their films are not good, because directing is a feeling, experience and life experiences.”

Eghraa refuses to say that her name reflects the daring roles that were characterized by her: “I was not distinguished by the roles of seduction.

My artistic beginning was in Egypt, and I was at the age of 12 and the roles of seduction were not appropriate for my age, and the director Zuhair Bakir was the one who called me “Eghraa” because he expected me to become an actress of seduction. But I did not continue in Egypt by my decision.

After I participated in two films of my starring, “The Return of Life” with Ahmed Ramzy and Maha Sabry, and “The Last Love” with Hind Rostom and Ahmed Mazhar. She added, “It was always said ‘little little’, and this phrase formed a knot for me,

So I left Egypt to return to it when I grow up, but I never came back because I built my career in Syria. I am the only movie star in Syria, and there are no female movie stars before me and will not come after me.


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