(Shocking details) What is Nour Sharif’s black secret..and how he betrayed his wife with her sister..and on the day of his divorce from Bossi, he broke down in tears in a hysterical manner!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Love moved from dramas to reality, to be a great love story that brought together two movie stars and showed every lover that love is a treatment and way of dealing with the partner, they are the two actors Nour Al Sharif Bossi.

Their love story began at an early age, specifically when they were in one of the rehearsals of the series “Cairo and the People”, in which they participated, and they loved each other very much.

So Nour al-Sharif went to Bossi’s family’s house and asked for her hand, but her parents did not accept, because he was not rich and they wanted her to be associated with a businessman, who could make her live a comfortable life.

Bossi refused to marry a man other than Nour al-Sharif, and even threatened them that she would commit suicide if they did not accept her marriage to him, but some friends intervened, director Adel Sadiq, even before her parents, and their engagement was on her birthday, and in 1972 AD, they married and had their daughter May and Sarah.

Bossi said in one of the television interviews, that she had to sell her network on the day of the wedding, because her father insisted on asking for a large sum of money for the delay of the marriage, and therefore Nour Al Sharif needed money to complete the procedures for the marriage, and then we lived in a small apartment.

Nour El Sherif is considered one of the most prominent actors in the history of modern Egyptian cinema. During his long artistic career, he presented many immortal works in the history of cinema and television, and received many awards and honors, and has seven films in the list of the 100 best Egyptian films.

The artist Nour Al Sharif loved Noura and wanted to marry her, as she worked with him in many films, including the movie Shame, as she was his wife in the work events, but there are many factors that affected their relationship and prevented their marriage to each other, and the reason for those factors that That marriage was prevented by the artist Bossi.

Nour al-Sharif and Bossi separated, in 2006, for 8 years, without giving a reason.

The celebrity official, Ahmed Abdel Hakam Dweik, recounts the details of the night, in which Nour and Bossi asked him to come to discuss the divorce, and indicated that he was surprised by a phone call from Nour asking him to come home with the divorce book, and when he arrived he whispered in his ear: “Let your mind, I do not want Release”.

The Ma’zoun entered and sat with them until they reconciled, but on the second day he was shocked when he learned that the reconciliation between them did not last, and actress Nora, Bossi’s sister, asked him to come to complete the divorce between Nour Al-Hazzan and Bossi, who was determined to separate, and he got what she wanted.

After the separation, news spread about the reasons for their divorce, and it was said at the time that the Tunisian artist Sandy was one of the reasons. It’s the first time you see her picture.


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