Shocking look.. Kendall Jenner loses her mind and appears in a scandalous dress that showed everything!!


American model Kendall Jenner revealed that she had obtained the approval of her friend, Lauren Perez, before attending her wedding, which took place last November, in the “exposed” dress, which she surprised the audience.

Kendall, 26, said that despite the uproar caused by the daring dress she appeared in at her friend’s wedding, she was keen to get her approval first.

While Perez expressed her admiration for Kendall’s dress, and told close people that her look was amazing and that she loved her, others saw that Kendall’s appearance was “humiliating” and that her dress was embarrassing.

Kendall’s fans responded to her critics by saying, “As long as the bride herself did not show her displeasure or distress at the appearance of the dress that Kendall appeared in, why are you busy with it in this way?”

The debate on this topic, between supporters and opponents, intensified in the comments section in the latest post that Peres put on her Instagram account, with which she attached a set of photos from her wedding and her husband David Walzer, where the atmosphere quickly flared up among the followers.


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