“Shocking” X-ray images reveal the effects of lung damage in unvaccinated “Covid-19” patients


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A doctor has revealed shocking x-rays that show the main difference that “Covid-19” vaccines make in protecting the body.

A radiologist in Maryland released two chest x-rays to show what he sees in unvaccinated and vaccinated patients with coronavirus.

“There is a significant difference in the chest X-ray images we see in fully vaccinated patients who test positive for COVID-19, and those who have not been diagnosed with COVID-19,” said Dr. vaccinate them.”

Dr. Awan showed on the site CT images of a “Covid-19” vaccinated patient, and pictures showing lung damage to an unvaccinated person.

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He explained: “We can see in the person who got the vaccine, that a lot of the lung is black, and this is a good thing because black indicates the air.”

He continued, “The burden of disease or the burden of infection is more pronounced in the unvaccinated individual versus the vaccinated person.”

The doctor noted that the symptoms of a person who received the vaccination are milder than those of the unvaccinated person.

“Often, those who have not been vaccinated suffer from severe shortness of breath. They may need oxygen therapy. There is a greater tendency for them to be admitted to the intensive care unit,” Awan said.

He told WCVB that he hopes the photos will change the minds of non-vaccinators. “If you see the pictures, you can clearly see the evidence of vaccines’ effectiveness with a chest x-ray. A lot of times, it’s more useful from a visual point of view than just hearing people repeat the stats,” he added.

It is worth noting that in October 2021, a doctor at Deer Valley Medical Center in Phoenix shared similar tests showing the effect of the virus on the lungs of unvaccinated “Covid-19” patients compared to those who received the vaccines.

Source: The Sun


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