Signs of the Hour appearing in Jordan: A Jordanian man hears loud, frightening sounds coming out of his wife’s grave… And when the police came and the grave was opened, what was the shocking surprise?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>Several news sites, including Yemen Voice, circulated a story that was said to be of a Jordanian man whose wife died <br />In detail, a Jordanian husband submitted a request to the Jordanian security services to exhume his wife's grave because of his suspicions.

According to Jordanian media, regarding the incident that occurred last year, the security services opened the grave of a woman who died a few days ago,

And that was after her husband suspected that she was alive, in the Ramtha Brigade, in northern Jordan, according to what Jordanian websites quoted security sources as saying.

The grave of the deceased woman was opened, under the supervision of the forensic medicine, and the public prosecutor of Ramtha, after the request of her husband, who claimed that a voice came from the grave.

He revealed that after examining the woman, the husband was shocked and it was found that she was really dead, and that the voices heard by the husband were not real.

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