Simple guide on how to use Apple Pay


With the advent of technology that has to reshape our presence, and gradually replacing the usual traditional shopping with online shopping, we can from anywhere make different payments for the shopping operations that many of us need.

Big tech companies like Apple and Google are working on ways to offer a more secure way to make payments without the hassles of users who rely on their credit cards.

Apple has decided to make payments for its many services easy for its subscribers through the payment method in Personal Payments in iOS and Safari apps.

Apple, which did not lose sight of the pressures experienced by its users in the past, decided to make things easier for them through a secure way to complete payments without having to deal directly with a bank.

Apple Pay is an excellent example of how we can use technology in our everyday tasks to deliver faster, convenient results to simplify life.

The technology company has made it easier to make payments by replacing the physical card and fiat currencies with a digital wallet, which helps you easily make a payment transaction regardless of the location.

The main steps for using Apple Pay as reported by Techbooky.

Set up your Apple Pay Wallet with your credit or debit card information to get started.

As a first time user of Apple Pay, to use your Apple Wallet, you will have to scan your credit or debit card information in the iPhone Wallet on your device, whether it is an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook. Then follow your credit/debit card banking instructions on the app to link your card to the Wallet app.

And using Apple Cash with the app will make payments easier once you access your iMessage app.

Learn how to make payments

After you link your card to the Wallet app, the next step is to learn how to pay with Apple Pay.

After you add your chosen payment method, making a payment is easy.

Double-click the side button on your device near any Apple Pay reader, this will prompt your iPhone to display your cards to choose from and scroll to the top to use them for your chosen payment.

You can then learn how to make payments to shop online or even sign up for Apple’s streaming services.


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