Snow cover.. Meteorology reveals the weather in the remaining days of Yen


09:46 PM

Friday January 21 2022


The official website of the Meteorological Authority published the weather in the second half of January.

The authority revealed the arrival of very cold air flows heading south from the North Pole to the far east of the Mediterranean basin, which led to heavy snowfall in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria.

And the meteorological page published on social media, an illustration obtained by one of the Copernicus satellites on January 20, showing snow cover in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria.

Meteorologists warned that the country would continue to experience a drop in temperatures, calling on citizens not to give up wearing winter clothes.

Meteorologists expect the country to witness, tomorrow, Saturday, cool, cloudy weather during the day in Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern Upper Egypt, the northern coasts, and warm weather in southern Sinai and southern Upper Egypt.


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