Star Yousra explodes dangerous, fiery confessions: With the explosion of a movie scene, I slept with the leader, Adel Imam, and I wanted to marry him.


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Egyptian star, Yousra, made serious confessions about her relationship with her fellow star, Adel Imam, and others, which shocked the audience.

The artist, Yousra, confirmed, during her hosting on the “Sahranin” program, with the artist Amir Karara, and the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, that “behind the scenes of the work of the leader Adel Imam, is fun and full of laughter and jokes.

Adel Imam described, as: “Explaining and making people happy all the time by laughing and joking and explaining and he loves Farfasha and his blood is light and his ten is sweet,” stressing that she is still communicating with him.

Yusra also revealed, during the “Duplex” program broadcast on the “ON” satellite channel, about her relationship with the leader, saying, “I succeeded through my appearance with Adel Imam, and he is the only artist who agreed to write his name before me.”

And she added, “Adel Imam is the only artist who, if he had asked to marry me, I would not have been able to reject him… Adel Imam, if he had proposed to me, I would not have rejected him and I would have married him.”

And about the scenes of working with him in the movie “The Yacoubian Building”, Yousra said: “Adel Imam worked Alia pincers twice,

Once with writer Waheed Hamed and Marwan Hamed, after he offered me to participate in the film in five scenes, and he said to me:

“Be a stump, and do five scenes with us, but I objected.” He told me: “I read the paper, and when I read I agreed, and met the real character and imitated her in everything.”

And the Egyptian star continued: “When he feels that he has done a sweet scene, it is impossible to bring him back again,” commenting: “Adel Imam, when he played the role of a poor character, he had to appear with a clean appearance.”

As for the second pincer, she said that it was when Adel Imam called her and asked her to travel to Alexandria the next day, because he would start shooting a new movie –

“A person lives only once” – within two days, I called producer Mamdouh Al-Leithi and apologized for not participating in a movie I signed before.

The artist, Yousra, indicated that her closest friends in the artistic community are the artist Ilham Shaheen, the director Enas Al Degheidy and the artist Laila Elwi.

And the Egyptian star drew attention to her keenness to distance herself while filming her scenes in the new works: “The scenes of bosses and hugs are rejected in the time of Corona.”

Yousra spoke about her participation in the Oscar jury, stressing that she had watched 80 films and chose 3 films to win, and they had already won, and she had chosen the best actress, best actor and best film, and her choices had already won the Oscar.

And actress Yousra, the late artist Rushdi Abaza, remembered: “There is no style, taste, or treatment. I am not like Rushdi Abaza,” as Omar Sharif remembered:

His story will never be repeated again, his beauty, his elegance, and his class, and he kept my secrets.” Also, the late artist Ahmed Ramzy: “He was kind, had light blood and sorbet.”

The Egyptian star also spoke about her husband, Khaled Saleh Selim, noting that she has known him since they were 7 years old, and that he traveled abroad and married, then separated from his wife and returned to Egypt and married 25 years ago.


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