Study reveals the reason for the rapid spread of Omicron


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A recent medical study revealed the scientific reason behind the rapid spread of the latest Corona virus mutant, “Omicron”.

The study, conducted by Dr. Andrei Isaev, Director of the Russian Genetic Research Center, showed that “Omicron” has the ability to transmit between humans through the eye.

According to the “Sada Al-Balad” news website, this is the reason behind the transmission of the mutant despite wearing the muzzle, after it was common for Corona injuries to be transmitted through the breath from the mouth and nose.

Isaev explained that the symptoms of Omicron infection include conjunctivitis, headache and runny nose.

He pointed out that there are many cases of patients who were infected with the “delta” mutator during the month of October, and then were infected again during January with the Corona virus, and it is likely that these cases are mostly infections with “Omicron.”.

He stated that Omicron’s symptoms appear clearly in the eyes; The mutant casts a shadow on the conjunctiva of the eyes and causes inflammation, stressing that the redness of the eyes may be considered evidence of infection with the new mutant..


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