Study: Wearing a medical mask makes you more attractive to the opposite sex for this reason


A recent study found that people who wear face masks are considered more attractive to the opposite sex, as Cardiff University researchers who conducted the study claimed that masks make both men and women more attractive to the eye, according to the Guardian newspaper. 43 women rated men’s photographs on the basis of attractiveness, and presented the photographs with two different types of face masks, with a book partially covering the faces.

A medical mask is more attractive than a cloth

وستخدم medical mask In the study, participants said that those wearing surgical masks were the most attractive, according to the British Daily Mail website.

Dr Michael Lewis, from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology, said: ‘The study demonstrated that our preferences have changed over time – with face masks considered to make a person less attractive before the pandemic and our study suggesting that faces are considered most attractive when covered with medical face masks. This may be the case. Because we used to wear blue masks by health care workers, and now we associate these masks with people in the medical professions and at a time when we feel vulnerable, we may find that wearing medical masks makes us feel reassured and therefore we feel more positive towards the wearer.”.

Lewis added that it is possible that face masks make people more attractive because they direct the attention of others towards the eyes.

The results of the study were published in the journal Cognitive ResearchPrinciples and implications – While the results of a second study asking men to rate a woman’s attractiveness were not released, Dr. Lewis said the results were similar..

People wearing face masks
People wearing face masks
face mask
face mask


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