Surprise: The appearance of a third brother for the media, Amr Adib, other than Imad Adib.. The hero of the movie “Morgan Ahmed Morgan” and “Bobos” .. Watch who is he?


In the artistic and media community, there are siblings that the public knows about, and there are others that the vast majority of the audience does not know that they are siblings, perhaps because the other brother is less in his works or has left art or is working behind cameras, such as the famous film and drama director Adel Adib, the brother of the two media figures Amr Adib and Imad El-Din Adib.

Among the most prominent directorial works that Adel Adeeb presented in his artistic career is the movie “The Night of the Baby Doll”, which was written by his father, the scriptwriter Abdel Hai Adeeb, and he also cooperated with leader Adel Imam in directing the movie “Morgan Ahmed Morgan” and “Bobos” and others. Adel Adeeb, who directed many distinguished works in Egyptian drama and cinema, to the extent that he has become a big name in the art world, is also married to the Egyptian artist “Manal Salama”, the older sister of the artist, Sherif Salama.

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Adel Adeeb and Amr Adeeb The two brothers, Adel and Amr Adeeb, have a strong friendship relationship, which is considered one of the most prominent friendships in the Egyptian media. In addition to their family relationship, Adel is considered his brother Amr and his close friend, and this interest appeared after the announcement of the latter and his wife Lamis El Hadidy infected with the Corona virus, as the Egyptian director said , that he did not know about the news of his brother and wife’s infection with Corona, until after he published the news on Twitter, continuing: “I knew I was like people, when I saw his tweet… I sent him a message so that I could check on him, but I still didn’t know.” He also asked his fans to pray for them. Until you recover.

Adel Adeeb and Manal Salama The love story of Adel Adeeb and the artist Manal Salama, the older sister of the artist Sherif Salama, is one of the most prominent love stories in the artistic community, especially since this relationship has largely preserved the privacy that helped in continuing its success. It is said that the love story of Manal Salama and Adel returns For years, she is the daughter of a well-known director, Mr. Hassan Salama, and by virtue of the work of both Adel Adeeb and his father, the duo got to know each other until they got married, and the whole Adeeb family is keen on family gathering.

The Egyptian artist always publishes some family photos, which include her husband, Adel Adeeb, and their two sons, “Ali” and “Amira,” in addition to publishing photos of her younger brother, artist Sherif Salama, and his wife, artist Dalia Mostafa.

On the technical side, Adel Adib stated in one of the press interviews that he only cooperated with his wife Manal Salama in one artwork, and the reason behind this is that he does not want to leave any opportunity for anyone to say that an artist like Manal Salama works because of her husband’s name. It is worth noting that the star’s most famous work was the TV series “I Won’t Live In My Father’s Jilbab” starring the late star Nour Al Sharif, Abla Kamel and artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra.

On the other hand, director Adel Adeeb is preparing to launch the first episodes of his series “General Transfer” starring Mahmoud Hemida, on January 29th, on the ON channel, and the producer presented the first promo, in which Mahmoud Hemida appeared in which He works as a driver for a public transport bus and has a Said origin. Samiha Ayoub embodies the role of his mother, and he has a large number of children.

During the current period, the work family continues to film intensively to finish the work in the coming days, so that the heroes devote themselves to their associations with the upcoming Ramadan series. “Public Transport Series” written by a workshop of young authors and directed by Adel Adib, starring Mahmoud Hamida, Sawsan Badr, Samiha Ayoub, Ahmed Badir, Dina, Mirhan Hussein, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Mohsen Mohieldin, Iman Ayoub, Abed Anani, Nahla Salama , Nour Khaled Al-Nabawy, Hajar Al-Sharnoubi, Amira Adib, and a large number of artists, and its events revolve in 30 episodes. The events of a public transport series revolve around the artist Mahmoud Hemida, who works as an employee in the Public Transport Authority, but he retires after he has advanced in age, and during his career he presented a great journey of struggle in his life, through his work as a bus driver who succeeded in raising his children who complied with prestigious professions in society. And the events revolve within the framework of excitement and suspense.

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