Syria..ISIS attacks a prison holding thousands of detainees from the organization


In response to a question by “Sky News Arabia”, the official refused to confirm whether prisoners had escaped, considering that the situation was “under evaluation”, and that there were no additional details.

It is noteworthy that the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces is the one who supervises the prison, with the support of the US forces Located in a base adjacent to the city.

ISIS militants attacked Ghweran prison in Al-Hasakah Governorate In northeastern Syria, Thursday, which led to the escape of an unknown number of detainees, according to what the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced.

And the observatory reported: “Elements of ISIS Reaching the prison gate and detonating the gate with a car bomb, in addition to detonating a fuel tanker, and they clashed with the guards, amid information about the escape of a number of prisoners.

The Syrian Democratic Forces confirmed the occurrence of an “escape attempt” from Gweran PrisonShe indicated that there had been clashes.

Intervals Syrian Democratic Forces In a statement, on Thursday, ISIS fighters attacked the prison to smuggle prisoners belonging to the organization.

The US-backed forces added that sleeper cells belonging to the organization infiltrated from neighboring neighborhoods and clashed with internal security forces.

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