Taliban: talks in Norway between a delegation from the movement and envoys from the United States and European countries


Taliban delegation upon disembarking from the plane in Norway.

picture released, Getty Images

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The Taliban delegation arrives in Norway on its first visit to a European country since the movement’s return to power last August.

Today, talks are being held in Norway between senior officials of the Afghan Taliban movement, envoys from Washington, European countries and figures from Afghan civil society.

Talks in Oslo focus on human rights and the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, where starvation threatens millions of people.

This is the first visit of a delegation from the Taliban movement to Europe since its return to power last August, when the international forces began the final withdrawal from Afghanistan. The movement’s delegation will be headed by the foreign minister in its government, Amir Khan Mottaki.

A US State Department official said the topics on the agenda would be “forming a representative political system and responding to urgent humanitarian and economic crises, security and counter-terrorism concerns, and human rights, especially girls’ and women’s education.”

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