Taxes: Submit the annual payroll tax settlement declaration no later than the end of January


Reda Abdel Qader, chief of tax authority The Egyptian government stated that there are a number of obligations on business owners who are obligated to pay the revenues subject to the salary tax and the like according to the law, represented in collecting the tax due from their employees on a monthly basis and submitting it to the Tax Authority within 15 days following the month in which the collection was made, in addition to submitting a declaration Quarterly in (January, April, July, October), indicating the number of employees and their data, and the total disbursed salaries and the like.

“Abdul Qader” added, in a press statement, today, Saturday, that they must also submit the annual settlement approval tosalary tax And the like on forms (6 settlements for the private sector, 7 settlements for workers in the government sector, the public business sector and the public sector who are not subject to the civil service law, and 8 settlements for the government sector, the public business sector and the public sector subject to the civil service law) no later than the end of the month January.

The head of the Egyptian Tax Authority called on all taxpayers to commit to submitting the tax return and the annual settlement on time, in order to avoid the penalties stipulated in the Unified Tax Procedures Law, as violators will be referred to the anti-tax evasion sector in preparation for referral to the Public Prosecution.

Abdul Qader added that the authority provides all support to the financiers and responds to all inquiries and provides solutions to problems by calling the hotline 16395.

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