The arrest of the thief of “jackets” worshipers at the funeral of Wael Al-Abrashi


Citizens in Egypt arrested a thief who stole the needs of worshipers while praying over the body of the late journalist, Wael El-Ibrashi.
For his part, Mabrouk Attia, a professor of Islamic studies at Al-Azhar University, launched a sharp attack on the accused of stealing the worshipers at the funeral of the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, which was held in his hometown of Sherbeen, Dakahlia Governorate, describing the thief as “his heart died.”

He said in a video broadcast on his YouTube channel: “They caught a thief stealing money from the jackets of the worshipers on Wael Al-Ibrashi. People took off the jacket and performed ablution in preparation for the funeral prayer, and the wretched of his youth turns people’s jackets over and steals and seizes him. Few, and there are people whose age has not prayed the funeral prayer, many faulty people, but the fault when there is more death is no longer a preacher.”

Attia continued his attack on the accused of stealing the worshipers at the funeral of the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, saying: “Maloush is not one explanation. The one inside stealing at his funeral means his heart died, neither death preaches nor Friday sermon exhorting him. He does not remember this, nor does he realize the closeness of God because he has no heart, and they have multiplied in our time, so calmly you can describe it as the time of “bugs” and not the heart.

And he continued, “From the time of our Lord, we alerted us to the hypocrites who say with their tongues what is not in their hearts. Be careful and strive to purify the hearts of your sons and daughters, and make them a future. Do not utter the word unless you feel it. Know that God hears you and is your accountant, who is inside performs ablution and believes that no one will steal it on an occasion.” Such a mistake, be careful, you don’t know that there are people who are killed at the funeral and harassed in the sanctuary in the Kaaba, if you are not ashamed, do what you want, at any time.

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