The death of the hero Salah El Mougy, the savior of the Marmina Church in Helwan


The hero Salah El-Mogi, who attacked the terrorist in the incident known as the Marmina Al-Ajaybi Church incident in Helwan, which was previously honored by the Ministry of Interior, died for his heroic action and saving the place from a real disaster.

The Ministry of the Interior had honored the citizen Younis Mustafa Al-Muji, known as “Salah Al-Moga” for his contribution to the arrest of the terrorist who attacked Mary Mina Church in Helwan in 2017, in appreciation of his honorable and courageous stance that contributed and supported the efforts of the policemen in arresting the terrorist who tried to attack the Marmina Church Helwan.

The Ministry of Interior considered Al-Muji an example and role model for the responsible citizen and participant in confronting the elements that seek to destabilize the security of the homeland, stressing that what he did with the participation of the masses of citizens confirms the extent of the people’s cohesion with the police and their awareness of the conspiracies being hatched against the homeland and shows the extent of citizens keenness on stability their home.

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