The Egyptian Medical Syndicate reveals the possible penalties for the El-Ibrashi doctor


The Secretary General of the Medical Syndicate said, Osama Abdel HaiIn exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, the penalties expected to be imposed on Abbas, if the mistake is proven, will be taken by the union’s disciplinary body according to the mistake he committed.

He explained that “disciplinary penalties in the Egyptian trade unions begin with drawing attention, warning and censure, and end with a suspension of work or a complete expungement from the union’s lists.”

He continued, “The syndicate has no provisions, but these investigations aim to preserve the medical profession, and the injured doctor has the right to resort to the Court of Appeal, which supports or rejects the decision.”

Abdel-Hay said that the first interrogation session was with the doctor who took treatment eparchy, begins Tuesday, after Abbas submitted to the union a request to investigate him.

He pointed out that Abbas He submitted all reports on the medical condition of the late journalist and his scientific and medical behavior, along with the developments in El-Ibrashi’s condition.

He continued, “He submitted reports that show how the deteriorating health condition of Al-Ibrashi was dealt with, and the medical prescriptions for the home protocol,” explaining that “all reports are currently being examined.”

Secretary-General revealed Egyptian Medical Syndicate, that Al-Ibrashi’s death “There is no criminal suspicion, because the medical reports are sufficient to reveal whether or not a medical error has occurred.”

Abdel-Hay expressed his anger at the comments circulated on social media, regarding the use of the drug “Sovaldi” to confront the Corona virus, noting that there are several drugs that treat the family of viruses, stressing that “all countries are striving, and there is no official treatment for the virus so far.”

The Egyptian doctor announced that Abbas “consultant of infectious diseases and epidemics, which makes him a specialist in the types of medicines given to Corona patients,” revealing that “the Egyptian medical sector has lost 660 doctors since the start of the Corona pandemic.”

He also rejected what he considered “auctions revolving around the role of the health sector in confronting the Corona pandemic,” as he put it.

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