The European Observatory shows the amazing, dramatic Flame Nebula.. know the details


The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has released a stunning pair of images showing the dramatic Flame Nebula as seen by the radio telescope.

The image was taken with ESO’s Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) telescope, which gets its name from its location in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It can see far into space unobstructed by water in Earth’s atmosphere.

The researchers used APEX’s SuperCam instrument, which was recently installed, and turned it toward Orion to admire the view, “As astronomers like to say, whenever there’s a new telescope or instrument around keep an eye on Orion: there will always be something new and interesting to discover!” According to researcher Thomas Stank, in a statement.

The image shows data collected by APEX in the orange rectangle, where the Flame Nebula is located in the left half and the emission nebula NGC 2023 is located on the right. ) of the ESO.

A similar image was also adhered to using APEX data but with a background in the visible light wavelength, and was captured for Digitized Sky Survey 2 (DSS2).

Orion is a popular target for astronomers because it contains the nearest giant molecular clouds, huge structures mostly hydrogen where new stars are born. This stellar nursery appears in the Emission Nebula next to the Flame Nebula, where newly born stars emit radiation that causes the gas around them to shine, Despite the fire-like appearance of the Flame Nebula, the gas there is actually cold at only a fraction of absolute zero temperature.


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