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Haifa Wehbe has been in the French capital, Paris, for a few days, where she celebrated the New Year, and began filming her latest movie, “Above the Eiffel Tower.”

The artist, Mohamed Tharwat, published a picture from behind the scenes of filming, and Haifa published the photo through the short stories feature on her Instagram account.

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A number of the film’s heroes appeared, including Mustafa Khater, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Aws Aws, Muhammad Tharwat and Mahmoud Hafez.

Hamdi Al-Mirghani appeared in a different style with long hair, while Aws Aws had blue hair.

Above the Eiffel Tower, directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

It is noteworthy that Haifa Wehbe’s last acting work was the series “Black Light” starring Moatasem Al-Nahar, Ahmed Fahmy, Sherif Salama, Rogina, Nancy Salah, Sabri Fawaz, Firas Saeed, Nasser Seif and others, written by Amin Jamal, script and dialogue by Sharif Yousry, Ibrahim Rabie, Hamdi Al-Tayeh, directed by Karim Al-Adl.

And lyrically, the clip “If You”, in partnership with the artist Akram Hosni, was written and composed by Akram Hosni, distributed by Toma, and produced by an ideologue for artistic and media production, and directed by Hossam Al-Husseini.

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