The heroine of the series “Mal and Children” regretted her marriage to (Hussein Fahmy) and her brother was killed… And the surprise of what happened to her teenage daughter?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>An artist who possessed many artistic talents that could qualify her to follow in the footsteps of the late artist Soad Hosni. She excelled in singing, dancing, acting and playing, but why was “herself” short in art, and her artistic career was limited to several works, most of which the audience may not remember.

“Liqaa” began its journey towards art through several dramatic works, and the most prominent series in which it participated were “Al-Attar and the Seven Girls, A Woman from Upper Egypt, Al-Banat, Tales of a Contemporary Husband, Opera Aida, Professor and Head of Department, Time of Worlds, Money and Sons, Minors, Hara.” Al-Zafarani, Your Excellency.

There was an event in her life that caused her heartbreak, namely the killing of her brother, and when she married the artist Hussein Fahmy, she became the talk of the media and the press, especially when they separated, the controversy was raised about them. She is the artist “Liqaa Suwaidan”.

Talent On the fifth day of August 1972, “Liqa Yahya Suwaidan” was born in one of the districts of Cairo Governorate. She was only 13 years old at the time, and between the eighties and early nineties, she participated in acting and singing in several children’s series and programs.

Multiple talents from the Conservatoire Institute obtained a high school diploma in music, and in the vocal section, she studied playing the double bass and piano, in addition to studying singing, and then decided to join the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, acting and directing division, and in 2000 she graduated from it, and completed her high studies in the field of output.

her brother’s death

In August 2013, Ahmed Moussa, brother of the artist Liqaa Suwaidan, was shot by demonstrators in the streets of Cairo while they were carrying weapons, while he was standing on the balcony of his house where he was watching the demonstrations, but the demonstrators were shooting randomly at people in their homes, which caused his death.

Her marriage to Hussein Fahmy

Swaidan’s interview said that Hussein Fahmy during their marriage was more like her father than her husband, pointing out that she was missing a father’s affection in her life due to differences between her and her father.

In her statements on the “Wara Al Shams” program, presented by the media, Amira Badr, on the “Al Shams” channel, Suwaidan added that Hussein Fahmy was 34 years older than her when they married, which is a very big difference, but she did not pay attention to him at first.

She continued to meet Suwaidan, about her marriage to Hussein Fahmy, “People said that marrying him, despite the age difference, was caused by greed, but the fact that his interest in me before marriage made me feel next to my parents, and during the two years we worked in the theater, he took care of all my details.”

Liqa added, describing her relationship with Hussein Fahmy after marriage, that for her he was more of a father than a husband: “Hussein Fahmy was a great father.” It was because of the age difference.”

She continued that Hussein Fahmy tried to draw her attention for two years before agreeing to her marriage to him, stressing that she refused at first, because she knows that all women love him, so she was more afraid of entering a relationship with a lot of anxiety and problems, in addition to her original fear of any relationship By anyone being separate.

And in a surprise about Hussein Fahmy’s personality, his ex-wife confirmed to Suwaidan, that an eastern man was jealous of her more than she was jealous of him, describing him as “Si al-Sayed”, setting dates for her to return to the house, and preventing her from going out without him, and throughout their marriage she could not Going out alone only twice, he prevented her from even going out with her girl friends alone, noting that this did not bother her greatly because she loves a jealous man.

She explained that they always went out together: “We did not go out without each other, and he never went out without me, and he did not tell me that I was going to stay up late with my male friends, nor did I go out without anyone else, even the supermarket, we used to go together and purify vegetables and fruits Together, we go together every moment.”

stormy disagreements

The love story that brought together Suwaidan and Hussein Fahmy’s meeting lasted only five years. Where they separated in 2012, without their marriage producing children, and the disputes between them reached the judiciary after Hussein Fahmy refused to pay the expenses of pleasure and preparation for his wife, but the judiciary ruled that she must oblige “Fahmy” to pay 720 thousand pounds.

Liqa Suwaidan stated, at the time, that she had received death threats and kidnapping of her only daughter, if she did not retract her lawsuit against Hussein Fahmy, after someone called her and told her: “If you don’t go back to what is in your mind, your life will be the price or the kidnapping of your daughter.”

She filed a lawsuit before the Al-Haram family court, asking her ex-husband, artist Hussein Fahmy, to pay an amount of 720,000 pounds as a fun expense and several for her. .

After more than a year and a half in the family courts, the artist was able to disburse the amount of her comfort and her promise, from the branch of the National Bank in the Smart Village, based on the contract of the agreement that was documented on August 30, 2015, in a meeting between her lawyer Mahmoud Al-Halawani and the lawyer “Fahmy”. In the presence of the Director of the Legal Affairs Sector of the National Bank.


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