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The movie “Haya 2” focuses on touching the emotional human feeling and reviving awareness away from the political aspects.

Jakarta- After the success of the first movie, “Hayya: The Power of Love” in 2019, which brought 750,000 viewers in Indonesian cinemas, and after its next series was postponed due to the Corona pandemic, Warna Picture Production Company launched “Haya 2: Hope” And a dream and reality” (Hayya2: Hope, Dream & Reality), which will be shown in cinemas next March.

The film tells the story of the journey of an orphaned Palestinian girl who escaped from a bitter reality from a refugee camp, bearing worries and hopes, and on the way to her dramatic escape, she faces a series of exciting and complex situations.

Amna Shehab’s journey begins when she hides in a large bag belonging to a group of activists, who are surprised by her presence with them in Indonesia. The heroes differ about the possibility of adopting and sponsoring her, and the last scene ends with the first part of the movie “Haya” by handing her over to a responsible government agency to return her to her hometown in Palestine.

HAYYA 2 THE MOVIE - Source: hayya2A scene from the movie “Come on”

second escape

But the story of “Haya” did not end in that scene, as she escaped again from the asylum center in Jakarta, to begin her new journey, embodied in the second part of “Haya 2”.

Unwilling to return to her country of origin, Haya chose to embark on her second escape from the asylum center, due to the deep trauma of the conflict in herself, and stuck to her hopes of staying in Indonesia.

Haya meets Mrs. “Alia Dani Aminarti”, who claimed to be her missing child, because of the similarity between them, and she resides with her for a period of time, while the hero of the film, “Rahma Baabdullah” and his peers continue to search for the child through exciting dramatic events, until everyone is surprised by her exposure. to a tragic accident.

real icon

Although the film is family, director Justice Arimba does not deny that Haya is a symbol of reality, with a message directed to the viewer that sheds light on the Palestinian cause.

And about choosing a child to be the heroine of the film, the director says to Al Jazeera Net, “We see that all conflicts and wars harm the lives of children and eliminate their innocence more than they affect any other group, so what is the fault of the children until they bear the burden of losing peace, safety and the world of games, they never know why they were born Victims of conflicts and wars without the ability to choose.

The director believes that the most important thing is to deliver an awareness message to viewers in an artistic way, pointing to the success of this with the first part, “Come on: The Power of Love”, where the majority of viewers attended not only for enjoyment and entertainment, but to sharpen their vigor and increase awareness and interest in the Palestinian cause, noting that 2.7 donated One billion rupees ($1.2 million) for the people of Palestine from the profits of the first part of the movie.

He added, “We are committed to donating part of the revenues of the second part of the film for the sake of the Palestinian people, and we hope that we will be able to achieve a greater achievement than what was achieved with the first part.”

The heroine of the Indonesian movie “Come on” speaks during the press conference (Al-Jazeera)

A powerful global message

On the idea of ​​conveying a Palestinian humanitarian message, through a cinematic artistic production, production director Eric Youssef confirmed in his speech to Al Jazeera Net that “the Palestinian issue, as everyone knows it, is an old conflict issue that has cross-cutting dimensions that the Islamic nation and the current generation should not abandon.”

He added, “We tried to deal with the issue through all methods through popular activities and humanitarian organizations, including the literary and cinematic method that is easy to deal with, with strong influence and away from the rhetorical and directive method.”

He pointed out that the film “Haya 2” focuses on touching the emotional human feeling and reviving awareness away from the political aspects, which was embodied by the character of a young girl, who feels compassion and solidarity with her everyone with a live conscience, whoever he is, stressing that the type of film is family where all age groups can watch it. Even the young ones, to grow up on these values ​​and to notice that there are children like them who have lost security, peace and tranquility because of wars and conflicts.


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