The Israeli army announces the shooting down of a march carrying “secret pictures” of Hezbollah (photos)


The Israeli army announces the downing of a bear march


The Israeli army announced that it had recently shot down a march belonging to the Lebanese Hezbollah, which contained secret pictures that appeared to be the party’s special forces during a special exercise in operating drones.

And the Israeli army said in a statement: “In recent months, the IDF forces managed to shoot down a terrorist Hezbollah march that crossed the border towards Israeli sovereignty and was used for intelligence and information gathering purposes,” declaring that “the march included images from an exercise of a Hezbollah military force training in technology.” The use of drones, the photos of their operators showed from the elements of the party.”

The statement stated that, “In recent months, the Galilee Division in the Northern Military Command has begun to adopt a special formation against Hezbollah’s activities using marches, which contributed and strengthened the army’s capabilities to monitor them after crossing the border towards Israeli sovereignty, which recorded a noticeable increase in the number of drones that were shot down by our forces.” The last one was last week.

Source: RT

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