The last chance to correct the conditions of commercial concealed-carry in Saudi Arabia ends with this date


The National Anti-Concealment Program in Saudi Arabia urges all violating facilities to quickly submit requests for correction electronically, and to take advantage of the benefits of the corrective period for violators of the anti-cover-up system before it expires after one month on February 16, 2022.

In a statement, the program confirmed that the remaining thirty days is the last opportunity to correct the situation, as 20 government agencies are working to control those who hide behind artificial intelligence techniques and analyze data and information. Inflict regular penalties They are liable to imprisonment for 5 years and a fine of 5 million riyals.

During the last month of the corrective period, the national program to combat cover-up continues to receive requests to correct the situation electronically according to the following options: partnership in the facility between Saudi and non-Saudi, registration of ownership of the facility in the name of a non-Saudi, and the Saudi continuing to engage in economic activity by introducing a new partner in the facility (a Saudi or an investor). (licensed foreigner), and the Saudi disposes of the facility by selling, relinquishing or dissolving the facility, in addition to the option for the non-Saudi to obtain the premium residency, and for the non-Saudi to leave the Kingdom permanently.

The corrective period to combat cover-up aims to correct the conditions of establishments in various sectors, thus enhancing the stability, expansion and growth of economic and commercial businesses.

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