The last words that Wael Arafa said before his death to the photographer of the College of Medicine conference: “You are picturing a dead person.”


You want the picture to come out clear so that you meet a nice picture when I die, and you are pictured dead, the last words of Dr. Wael Arafa, a cardiologist and gastroenterologist, at the conference of the Egyptian Society of Atherosclerosis and the Department of Cardiology at Kafr El-Sheikh University, who died suddenly due to a sudden heart attack, after his participation Yesterday.

Magdy Abdel Azim, an employee in the branch of the Health Insurance Authority in Kafr El-Sheikh, and is good at photography, said that he was present at the conference of the Faculty of Medicine in Kafr El-Sheikh yesterday, and asked Dr. After each picture, “I want a good picture, Professor Magdy, because when I die, you find a nice picture.” Then he said to him, “You picture a dead person, as if they were farewell pictures.”

Abdel Azim confirmed to “The Seventh Day” that he does not believe what happened, as the words of Dr. Wael still ring in his ear and hesitate, and from the shock of the shock, he does not know that he heard those words from him or not, but whenever he reviewed his words, he made sure to tell him, stressing that he did not know that he He means those words, he is the doctor, the human being, the servant, the generous, the benefactor of every poor and needy person.

Abdul Azim said, We belong to God and to Him we shall return, he does not know what to say..

Thousands of the people of the village of Al-Maraba’in, affiliated to the Kafr El-Sheikh Center, carried the body of Dr. Wael Arafa, in a solemn funeral, and grief overtook the people of the governorate, mourning his death for his good manners and his fragrant biography..

One last picture before the doctor died suddenly
One last picture before the doctor died suddenly

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