The Minister of Aviation leads the first flight with “environmentally friendly services” between Cairo and Paris


Within the framework of the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s strategy to achieve sustainable development and preserve the environment, the first test flight in the continent of Africa, operated by the national company EgyptAir, launched this morning from Cairo International Airport, with “environmentally friendly” services and products, on a plane led by Pilot Mohamed Manar, Minister of Civil Aviation, heading to Paris with 219 passengers on board.

The plane took off on its flight No. “MS 799” of the Boeing 787-9 “Dreamliner”, known as the Dream Plane, in a flight that will be recorded in the history of EgyptAir as the first flight operated by the national company with environmentally friendly services and the first among African airlines, and this flight coincides with the celebration of the Ministry of Aviation. On the 92nd National Day of Egyptian Civil Aviation, which falls on January 26 of each year.

Pilot Mohamed Manar, Minister of Civil Aviation, stated that the strategy of the Ministry of Civil Aviation in the field of environment comes from the directives of the political leadership, which attaches great importance to the environment file and the efforts of the Egyptian state in all international forums to confront the phenomenon of climate change and keep pace with Egypt’s vision 2030.

Pilot Muhammad Manar added that the success of this flight with environmentally friendly services and products will be the beginning of their generalization in the future in line with the Ministry of Aviation’s plan to confront the effects of climate change through the presence of an integrated and sustainable environmental system that applies all local and international recommendations and legislation in the field of aviation related to environmental protection and limitation. pollution.

For his part, the pilot Amr Aboul-Enein, head of the holding company for EgyptAir, who will pilot the plane on the return flight from Paris, expressed his happiness to operate the first flight with environmentally friendly services and products, so that EgyptAir will be the first airline in Africa to operate this flight, indicating that it is planned in the future that it will be All the company’s flights are environmentally friendly, which confirms EgyptAir’s leadership in the air transport industry, being the first airline established in Africa and the Middle East, and the seventh in the world, as the company celebrates this year its 90th anniversary.

The head of EgyptAir Holding added that the national company aims for 2022 to be the beginning of the launch of many “sustainable development initiatives”, as a timetable has been set for all flights to Europe with environmentally friendly products and services by 2025, to be circulated on all airline network flights. air successively.

EgyptAir’s plan aims to reduce the use of “single-use” plastic materials on its flights by 90%, and the company identified 27 products made of (single-use) plastic that were used on its planes and replaced them with environmentally friendly products.

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