The Ministry of Health gives important advice to deal with the symptoms of suspected infection with the Corona virus


The Ministry of Health and Population issued several tips to remind you of how to deal with symptoms of colds or suspected infection with the emerging corona virus, and to avoid strong complications resulting from infection with the virus. CoronaAs part of the ministry’s keenness on the public health of citizens.

The Ministry of Health stressed the importance and necessity of receiving anti-Coronavirus vaccines, as it is the first wall of connection to protect society from the negative effects resulting from the outbreak of the virus, and its importance in reducing severe symptoms resulting from infection, reducing the percentage of need for hospitalization, and reducing the possibilities of needing to enter intensive care and medical devices. Artificial respiration.

And the Ministry of Health called for dealing with the symptoms of the common cold as a suspicion of corona infection, so that the patient isolates himself from the rest of his family, and not exchanging personal tools, using a spoon, a cup and a special plate, and washing them well with soap and water after use, as well as personal care tools, and using a private bathroom. If possible – and if this is difficult to achieve, the toilet should be thoroughly disinfected with soapy water and chlorine, after use.

The Ministry of Health indicated that the hotline 105 answers all inquiries about ways to prevent infection with the Corona virus, how to strengthen the body’s immune capacity, the measures that must be taken when feeling symptoms of infection, instructions for isolation at home, and the symptoms that require the patient to go to the hospital.

The Ministry of Health and Population advised to go to the nearest hospital if you feel any respiratory problems, to dispense the appropriate treatment protocol for each diseased case, confirming the availability of isolation departments for Corona virus patients in all hospitals, along with 23 hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Population, and 21 university hospitals fully dedicated to isolation and treatment Corona patients, in addition to the isolation departments in all government hospitals, confirming the availability of all drugs for the Corona Virus treatment protocol, and the protocol is constantly updated based on scientific studies and recent research to achieve the highest rates of recovery.


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