The moment an Egyptian youth was shot dead intervened to break up a quarrel between two children


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An Egyptian village witnessed a tragic crime, where a young man was shot in the heart after he intervened to end a quarrel between two children.

In the details, a surveillance camera revealed the details of the heinous crime, as the young man Hussein Muhammad Abu Hamed (31 years old) was standing in front of his shop selling fodder in the village of Kafr Rabie in the city of Tala in the Menoufia governorate. To resolve it and end the conflict. The young man was surprised by one of the two children clashing with him, taking out a pistol from between the folds of his clothes and hitting him with a piercing bullet in the chest and fleeing, while passers-by tried to take the young man to the hospital for first aid, but he breathed his last before his arrival.

In addition, the Public Prosecution, which ordered the burial of the corpse and assigned the detectives, notified the swift arrest of the murdered child and revealed the circumstances of the incident.


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