The President’s Health Adviser: The current wave of corona has mild symptoms and is similar to influenza


Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health Affairs, said that there is now a mixture of cases of corona and seasonal influenza, both of which are contagious viral infections, and we must be careful in both cases, noting that the symptoms are now very similar, even if the severity of the infections has become Less, and rarely, we find a loss of sense of smell and taste.

He added, during an intervention with the media, Ahmed Fayek, on the “Egypt Can” program, which is broadcast on the “Egypt Can” channel.dmc“We must deal with the case in any injury as being cautious and cautious in all cases, because the similarities between all injuries have become great, unless the person is in contact with a Corona patient, except that the pcr It may be positive in a large proportion, due to the great suspicion between the two injuries.”

He said: “Cases of chronic diseases, especially chest and heart diseases, who did not get the vaccination should get it now, that category that may have the possibility for the reasons mentioned that it should get the vaccine.”

He continued: “The current wave of Corona, the symptoms in it are simple in most cases, and the second thing is that the infection has become more among families and families, and the symptoms in it are simple and similar to the seasonal flu, but in all cases they are still present, the cases of gastrointestinal infections have become much less.”

He said: “Some of the medicines that some people get to treat influenza, may have an effect on the components of the blood or kidneys, especially those in which a person gets more than one compound in one injection, because the doctor is the one who determines what the person should get.”

He continued, “Providing vaccines for the Egyptians was a real epic, because the provision of those vaccines and their diversity required an exceptional effort, and there are sufficient doses to vaccinate the groups that need the vaccine, and whoever has been 6 months since the last dose can obtain the booster dose, and this is the catalyst in mitigating the severity of the disease.” in Egypt”.


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