The prices of building materials in the market today.. Iron at 13,800 pounds in the factory


Ahmed El-Zeini, head of the Building Materials Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, announced the continuation of the stability of Iron and cement prices Today, Monday, in most companies, which makes the final consumer price stable at the same levels at the beginning of this month.

And she revealed, in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, that cement prices record 875 pounds at the lowest price per ton of cement today, and it reaches 1000 pounds in other factories, and the consumer reaches a price starting from 1050 pounds, and the highest price for the consumer reaches 1150 pounds, which is the maximum price for the consumer..

Regarding iron prices, Ahmed El-Zeini, head of the division, announced that billet-based rolling mills sell a ton of iron at a price ranging from 13,800 to 14,000 thousand pounds, pointing out that the price of iron in integrated cycle factories ranges between 14,900 to 15000 pounds, ex-factory land..

Next week, Egyptian ports receive 150,000 tons of billets from Ukraine and Russia, which will contribute to reducing iron prices during the coming period, according to “Al-Zayni”, noting that the Ministry of Industry decided in November 2021 to stop the work of Resolution No. 907 of 2019 and 168 of 2021. , to impose protective measures on imports of billet, rebar and aluminum products.


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