The Russian Embassy comments on US allegations about the date of the “invasion” of Ukraine


The Russian Embassy comments on US allegations about a date


The Russian Embassy in Washington described the White House’s statements regarding the timing of Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine as misinformation, and considered them as media pressure.

The Russian embassy indicated, in a statement, that the US authorities were “describing in detail the scenarios of such provocations, and setting the dates for the final start of such operations”, without providing any evidence.

The embassy stated that presenting the issue in this way “confirms the continuous media pressure” on Russia, and by repeating the same scenario: “the scenarios are pumped and repeated many times in the media, eventually turning into major news.”

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The White House expects

The embassy called on the US authorities to work in detail on security guarantees on the basis of the draft treaties proposed by Russia, and stressed that “Moscow supports diplomatic solutions to all international problems.”

Earlier, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, without providing any evidence, that the United States had “set” the timing of the Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. According to her, Moscow may invent the necessary pretext for such actions.

Source: RIA Novosti

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