The sad life of Ismail Yassin .. He refused to kiss Souad Makkawi for a surprising reason and caught his wife cheating on him and he died paralyzed


Undisputedly in his time, Ismail Yassin is considered the owner of happiness, the maker of joy, and the most famous comedy star in the history of Egyptian cinema. He is the only one who presented a series of films in his name after Laila Murad, including “Ismail Yassin in the Army” and “Ismail Yassin in the Hospital of the Lunatics.” and others.

He is considered one of the first stars who had absolute championship opportunities, and achieved wide fame, although he did not have the handsomeness that qualifies him to be the first boy on the screen, but his wit, presence and brilliance were enough for Ismail Yassin to become one of the most important stars in the time of fine art.


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Birth and upbringing

On September 15, 1912, Ismail Yassin Ismail Ali Nakhla was born in the city of Suez, but he moved to Cairo later in the thirties, in order to professionalize art.

His father was a well-off goldsmith, and his mother died when he was infancy, and he joined one of the scribes and then moved to study elementary, and after a while debts accumulated on his father, who went bankrupt as a result of his poor spending, then he went to prison because of these debts, forcing the child Ismail Yassin to work as a caller for a shop Selling fabrics, and taking responsibility for himself as a small child, after which he decided to leave the house for fear of his stepmother’s oppression.

Beginning with art

In his childhood, Ismail Yassin loved and sang Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s songs and dreamed of being a competing singer. Indeed, after he reached 17 years old, he decided to move to Cairo, and initially worked as a boy in a cafe on Mohamed Ali Street and lived in a small popular hotel at the time. After that, he worked with Al-Osta Nawsa, a folk dancer, but after a while he left her to work as an agent in a lawyer’s office, to provide enough money to live.

Then he went to the artist, Badia Masabni, to be discovered by his artistic twin and friend, the comedian Abu Al-Saud Al-Abyari, who nominated him to Badia Masabni to appoint him to her band. The most famous artist in this field, and he was getting four pounds for the monologue.

In 1939, he was presented by Fouad Al-Jazairli in the movie “Khalaf Al-Habayeb”, to present a large number of films between the absolute championship and the second role, and among his most famous works are the Wives Factory, Tigress 6, Ali Baba, the Forty Thieves, Love from Heaven and the Straight Path, Long Live the Six, and from the Offender and the Heart has one And the dreams of love, the owner of two balls, the Sultana of the desert, my heart is my guide, amber, the soul, the body, the princess of the island, love and madness, the owner of the architecture, the sweet handkerchief, and the handkerchief of your quilt, the devil of Hanim, the jewels, the night of Eid, the teacher’s daughter, pepper and I can’t help but miss Mama, the hero, and my many beloved and the millionaire.

The absolute championship and a series of films in his name at the beginning of the fifties

Ismail Yassin began the stage of absolute heroism, and it was the golden stage in his career, and he presented films, including My Mother-in-law, an atomic bomb, and the girls sherbet. Handkerchiefs, the captain of Egypt, the kingdom of women, the woman of infallibility, Ibn Hamido, catch a thief, the bridegroom of my wife, a trip to the moon, Hassan, Marika, and an onion honeymoon.

He also presented a series of films in his name, including the demon of Ismail Yassin, Ismail Yassin in the fleet, Ismail Yassin in the garden of animals, Ismail Yassin in Damascus, Ismail Yassin in the Military Police, Ismail Yassin for sale, Ismail Yassin in the Hospital for the Insane, Ismail Yassin Tarzan and Ismail Yassin in Flight.

His last championships and the waning of the spotlight on him

The last movie that Ismail Yassin presented as a hero is “The Mind and Money”, in which Madiha Kamel presented the championship in 1965, but the film did not enjoy the same successes as his films and his shares declined and he returned years later, to participate in secondary roles in films, including Knights of Love with Maryam Fakhr Al-Din and Fahd Ballan and the movie The Path of Sins, and his last appearance was in the movie Gang of Women with Al-Shahroura Sabah in a small role as well.

It was said that the decline of the lights on Ismail Yassin was caused by the taxes that accumulated on him to find himself chased by debts, and seized the building that he built with his money and it was sold, so he dissolved his band in 1966 and traveled to Lebanon and made some short films, including Knights of Love and Karam El Hawa and worked as a monologue singer again After that, he returned to Egypt, devastated, and accepted small roles that were not worthy of his history.

He refused to kiss Souad Makkawi

In an interview with her, Egyptian actress Souad Makkawi said that she was exposed to an embarrassing situation, as there was a work of art that brought her together with Ismail Yassin, who was comfortable with her and working with her, and there was a scene at the end of the film accepting it, but he refused strongly and threatened to withdraw from the film and terminate the contract, and when I asked him As to why, he replied, “I’m in such a mood.”

His songs during his career

Ismail Yassin presented many songs and monologues, including I want to go and His Excellency, and you don’t like it, don’t be surprised.

Women in his life and being betrayed

The first wife in Ismail Yassin’s life was Souad Wajdi, but he separated from her after two months after he caught her cheating on him, according to some accounts.

The second marriage was to a dancer named Soraya Helmy, who is not the monologist Soraya Helmy, as the similarity of the names made some believe that he married the famous artist at the time, and Ismail Yassin separated from her after a week of marriage, after she exhausted him with her financial requests, and discovered that she was uttering the most horrific words, To marry for the third and final time to Fawzia, who is the mother of his only son, Yassin, and he fell in love with her after seeing her for the first time with the wife of the theater director, and despite some warning her that he was a womanizer and married and separated twice, but she exchanged love for him and “Wish al-Saad” was on him in his life.

He died before his honor

On May 24, 1972, Ismail Yassin died of a severe heart attack, and he had not yet completed a small role in a movie starring Nour El-Sharif, and at that time President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat was thinking of honoring him, to be honored after his death.

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