The strong of observation will know her.. this girl grew up and became the heroine of the daring scenes,, she hated the waiting period and married 9 men and regretted that Kamal El-Shenawy got away with it!


Social networking sites have re-uploaded and circulated old photos of a famous artist in which she appeared as a young girl no more than 10 years old.

The picture achieved great circulation and shocked the audience with the features of the artist Suhair Ramzy in her childhood, which are completely different from her features when she became an artist.

Actress Soheir Ramzy is considered one of the most beautiful faces in Egyptian cinema.

The artist, Suhair Ramzy, stated in one of her interviews, that she married 9 times, and divorced herself 7 times, by mutual consent with her husbands, and the friendship between them continued.

The most famous of her marriages from the artistic community was her marriage to musician Helmy Bakr, artist Farouk El-Fishawy and artist Mahmoud Kabil, and she married outside the artistic community to Saudi Prince Khaled bin Saud, businessman Sayed Metwally, president of Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi Club, and Gulf businessman Mohammed Al-Mulla.

She also talked about the reason for her divorce from Muhammad Al Mulla, saying that the divorce took place after watching the premiere of the movie The Sinners. He was very jealous and went crazy after he saw the movie and the divorce took place right on the same day.

As for the artist, whom she wished to marry, she said: “Kamal El-Shennawy is the man who escaped from me. I wish he was among my husbands, but he was the dear brother, whom my mother did not give birth to.”

Suhair explained that the reason for her multiple marriages is to deprive her of a father, a brother, and a son. She felt the necessity of a man as a support in her life.

And she continued, “I was spending the waiting period in good health, and getting married on the same day it ended.”

The beautiful actress, Suhair Ramzy, married for the first time to Sudanese artist Ibrahim Khan, who was known to the audience for his important roles in my films: “Sunset and Sunrise, and Circle of Revenge.”

A year after her marriage to Ibrahim Khan, Suhair Ramzi got divorced, and after him she married Saudi Prince Khaled Al Saud, but this marriage also lasted only one year and she got a divorce.

And the Egyptian movie star, Suhair Ramzy, married, for the third time, a few months after her divorce from her second husband, from Kuwaiti businessman Muhammad Al-Mulla, and after him she celebrated her marriage again to Syrian businessman Zakaria Bakkar, and their marriage did not last long, which is the same fate that happened to her marriage. From Yemeni businessman Ali Mansour Al-Awdi.

As for her husbands from her countrymen, she married Suhair Ramzy, the Egyptian analyst Helmy Bakr, the great artist Farouk El-Fishawy, the great star Mahmoud Kabil, the businessman Sayed Metwally and the businessman Alaa El-Sherbiny.

And the star, Suhair Ramzy, justified, according to press reports, the reason for her marriage more than once, saying: “I was spending the waiting period in good health, and I got married on the same day that it ended.

Suhair Ramzy is the daughter of the late great artist Doria Ahmed, and she was born on March 3, 1946 in Port Said. At the beginning of her career, “Suhair” worked as a flight attendant, before changing her destination to the world of art, and she was known in the artistic community during the seventies and eighties specifically as one of the most important seduction stars.

Among her most prominent films are: “Tears of Her Majesty”, “Al-Darb Al-Ahmar”, “So that the smoke does not fly”, “Bite a dog”, “Girls want what”, “A man who lost his mind”, “With my love and my longings” and “And with parents a favor”. And “Ladies and Ladies”, “Then the Sun Rises”, and the series “Zainab and the Throne”.


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